Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shame on UL System Day 2

Ok- they added a little to the Grambling presidential search page:

But still no job description, no desired characteristics or skills, etc. Basically, anyone is qualified to lead Grambling. We don't care!

Again, let's compare another school in the system. This is the page from the 2013 Nicholls State presidential search:

Real search. Real process. Must mean that Grambling isn't seen as real....

The Prez

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

UL System's Presidential Search Process- One Way for HBCU, Another for PWI

I have a scathing editorial coming out on Sunday in the Monroe LA News Star regarding the proposed search process for Grambling State University. The University of Louisiana System apparently has one process for its 8 predominantly white institutions when selecting a new president, and a trifling process for its only HBCU.

The president of Grambling State resigned last week. Today, the system announced the position is open for applications and they hope to meet finalists next month. They even set up a website:

That's it. No links. No job description. No overview of Grambling State. One page and an email address. You can find more detail applying for a job at Starbucks!

Contrast that to the recently completed search for a new president at the University of New Orleans. Here is the search website:

Detailed information about the University. The process for selecting the next president. A profile. Members of the committee. 12 links for more information. The new president who was the provost is AWESOME! Yet he was vetted by a thorough process that was done quickly. I would argue Grambling needs more time to address the campus culture but a process is warranted.

All Grambling alums and friends of Grambling should begin to FLOOD the UL system with calls, letters and e-mails demanding that they conduct a serious search for an institution in need of great leadership. This bold display of disrespect should not be allowed without swift and strong responses.

The Prez