Monday, July 2, 2012

Day One

Sunday, July 1st was my first day as president. I attended church at Bethany United Methodist Church. The sermon title was, "Where do we go from here?" It was the pastor's first Sunday there.

That was a good message and one I will emphasize in August at our Faculty-Staff Institute. Coming in new you want to assess where you are and then help determine the appropriate direction. That process began in earnest today.

I really like to mee with the people who work on a campus, so one of my practices is to schedule time for anyone to share thoughts about the university, as well as give me a chance to get to know people. The response was great for the first day. So far over 10% of all faculty and staff have signed up for a time. I think if I can talk to 50% then I will  have a really good picture of Dillard. I will then  begin focus groups in the fall which will include alumni, students, and community people as well.

The Prez