Friday, August 3, 2012

Lupe Fiasco, Manny Fresh, Mia X, & Hip Hop Prez

Wednesday night I was at Xavier University to participate in a panel discussion with hip hop stars Lupe Fiasco, Mia X, and Mannie Fresh, along with two other community leaders. Several hundred people attended.

The focus was Lupe's new song "Bitch Bad." Essentially, the song makes us think about the use of the word bitch, and we discussed whether it can be used as a term of endearment or empowerment, or if it was simply a derogatory term that needs to be ended.

I was very impressed by Lupe Fiasco's thoughtfulness. He ended up quoting James Baldwin. I am trying to see how I can get him as a visiting professor soon. But I was excited to see so many young people at a discussion like this. Higher education has to find more ways to have these engaging discussions.

The Prez