Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving tradition

After our youngest was born in November of 2008, we knew we wouln't be traveling to visit parents that year. So we stayed put while people came to see us. The next year, we said we'd stay as well, but realized that there were students with no place to go for Thanksgiving. So a few came to eat with us.

In 2010 we had a nice sized group, and also had a local TV station do a story on what out of state (and country) students do for Thanksgiving. By then it had become our tradition.

So moving to New Orleans we knew we would continue the tradition. I sent out an e-mail to students indicating that if they needed a place to eat, we would have seats. I am sure this caught many of them off guard, and some probably didn't know what to think.

But today, 14 students came to have dinner with us. We also had one of my students from Philande Smith College drive down, making this her third year in a row having Thanksgiving dinner with us (but she had to help cook this time!)

I had a chance to meet some students I had not met, including one from Zimbabwe who celebrated his first Thanksgiving. I was glad we were able to provide that for him.

The Prez