Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brain Food: Jason Riley

I love bringing hard core conservatives to speak at HBCUs! Probably one of the best ways to engage people in great dialogue. Jason Riley did just that. His new book, "Please Stop Helping Us," indicts liberal policies that he says have actually harmed black people.
Riley argues against minimum wage in that it prevents job growth. He says affirmative action is now a discriminatory program. He says the current civil rights leaders essentially have monetized racism. And he suggests that Blacks really need focus on culture- attitudes toward family and education- to solve problems.
The book is an interesting read, and Riley is pretty confident in his positions. He did not waiver during Q&A, which I gave him a lot of credit for even coming to speak to a crowd that probably disagrees with most of what he says. I want my students to be able to do just as he does- have courage of conviction no matter the audience. That alone is a great lesson.
The Prez

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

King Day at Alabama State University

Yesterday I had the great honor of serving as the keynote for the annual King Convocation at Alabama State University. The new president, Dr. Gwen Boyd, is a fantastic speaker, so it was a great honor to be invited.

I was SO impressed with the students. I first spoke at ASU in 2002 to do a workshop for Greeks and those interested. Every time I have been on the campus the students have impressed me. Plus I saw two terrific high school groups, including the choir behind me in the photo that was awesome.

Next year Dillard will begin holding King convocations like this one. It was a first class event, great energy, and I guess the speaker did okay!

The Prez