Monday, April 27, 2015

Freshman Awards

Going back to about 2007 I have done special awards for first year students. Some are for those who work with the lecture series as this is always a great opportunity for freshmen to get involved.

Lauren and Tevon were my Diaper Dandys, essentially 2 freshmen who had a great year. When I do freshman lunch group meetings I always ask them who is impressive in their class. These two were mentioned a number of times, plus they did extremely well academically.
I also added one more for a student that really understandings hustling. Aaron, as a freshman, tracked down the president of Entergy New Orleans because he is interested in energy law, went to his office to have breakfast, and now has a great connection. In addition he will be an intern with one of his Congressmen from Georgia. This is what I want all students to do- don't wait for things to happen to you, make them happen FOR you.
The Prez

Monday, April 20, 2015

Killer Class (#PHI444)

So I was watching the VH1 special on Hip Hop and Atlanta, and was seeing tweets from Killer Mike. Some kind of way we began connecting through the show and I said he needed to come speak to my class. Interestingly, his sister is a Dillard graduate so that was an additional motivation.

Don't ever let people tell you there is not brilliance in hip hop. Mike "Killer Mike" Render is brilliant. He began Morehouse College only to get signed by what would have been his senior year, and yet his extensive knowledge was evident by the books he cited. Very well read!

So we were able to talk about not just First Amendment issues, but broader ethical issues related to hip hop, Black communities, etc. I think he wowed the class.

The Prez

Honoring the Legend

Yesterday we honored Xavier University president Dr. Norman C. Francis with an honorary degree. He has received a few and many more to come, but I felt that as a sister institution we should be among that group.

Dr. Francis is the longest serving president in the nation, in his 48th year. In fact, he began those duties on April 4, 1968 (historic in its own right). I turned one later that month so he has essentially been the president there my entire life.

There will be many pieces written about his impact on higher education, but he has been a tremendous advocate for HBCUs and has been able to bring those issues to the highest levels of government for decades. There will never be another one like him, and I am glad I know him.

The Prez