Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Men's Basketball: We're Ranked!

Today is a huge day! Since Katrina, our men's basketball team has struggled. Since I have been here, we've won no more than 5 games in any season. Well, that all changed with one Mike Newell! This guy displayed passion and energy when he interviewed, and it was clear to me not only had he thought deeply about the job, but had started to put things in motion to build a team.

And that he did. He found some great ball players from around the nation to essentially start over. I have been impressed that these are good guys who are helping to build a new Dillard culture. We've always had high character student athletes, so that has been great to continue.

But Dillard men's basketball had not been ranked since before Katrina. Today marks our return to the rankings at #24. I catch most of the games, either in person or via Live Streaming (which is GREAT!) But there is new energy on campus and our leader, Mike Newell, gets lots of credit. In addition, our AD Dr. Kiki Barnes chose extremely well.

We've beaten my old school there. We've beaten my wife's alma mater (Talladega), which has been a beast in recent years. SUNO has been dispatched. But there is still one test left....

Xavier. That is, UNRANKED Xavier...

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