Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laser Light Show

So I am in the process of meeting LOTS of faculty and staff, and even touring some of the facilities. This week I had a thorough visit with our STEM area chair, Dr. Darwish.
Dillard has a strong history in the natural and physical sciences. A great number of students have gone on to graduate and medical school. After Katrina, new facilities helped to strenghten these programs.
One of our hidden jewels is physics. The physics program rated as one of the top 15 in the nation(not just HBCU) for producing Black physicists. I had never met a Black physics major until this past spring when I met 2 Black women. This week I met two men as well.
Dr. Darwish has been able to attract funding from the military for his program, including this laser that he built. In fact, graduate students from Tulane come to Dillard to use this laser for their research. This is definitely a great program for Dillard.

The Prez