Sunday, February 17, 2013

Setting the Bar: Louisiana State Bar Association Pre-Law Conference

On Saturday, about 14 Dillard students attended "Setting the Bar: Louisiana State Bar Association Pre-Law Conference." It was sponsored by the Black Law Student Associations of Loyola and Tulane, and the Louisiana Bar Association's Committee on Diversity.

We had the largest group, and were about a third of all attendees. This was a new initiative as we are building our pre-law program. Our pre-law advisor is Adria Kimbrough (no relation-- just kidding!) who is an attorney with a local firm and member of the bar in 4 states. I argue that we have the most credentialed pre-law advisor in the state, and it is paying dividends for our students. The major difference is that she is providing intrusive advising- e-mails, calls and texts to pre-law students to ensure they get the information they need to be successful.

She's also planning " A Day in the Life of a Lawyer" at one of the largest firms in town, Jones Walker, as well as an LSAT boot camp. We also have a high powered advisory committee, which includes the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

If you know of a high school student interested in law, Dillard University has created the most innovative pre-law program targeting students of color.

The Prez