Monday, April 8, 2013

On the way home...

On the way back from the Bleu Pride Rising Tour from Los Angeles, I bumped into a former Albany State Unuiversity student who is a bodyguard. He introduced me to his client...

... K Michelle. Some of you know her from Love and Hip Hop. Found out she is a FAMU grad and about to do a college tour. Maybe she'll swing through Dillard?
So I then go to my gate and get on the plane. After a few minutes I look up at the person about to sit next to me, and it was Lisa Leslie. Through conversation I learn that her niece is a Dillard student and plays for our women's basketball team. So it wasn't a surprise when our AD sent me a note saying she was on campus with the team today.
She gave them some great pointers after watching them practice. Definitely a great experience for our students.
The Prez