Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Law School Admissions Council Law School Forum

On October 17th a group of 20 Dillard pre-law students attended the Law School Admissions Council law school recruitment forum. We had the biggest group, something other schools had to notice. We've stepped up our efforts to assist students who want to become lawyers, especially when the number of diverse lawyers is not keeping up with the diversity of the nation. This includes an AWESOME LSAT prep course that has generated eye-popping numbers.

In the next few weeks we'll be making an announcement about the next phase in this program. This will occur when we host Benjamin Crump who will be our 5th Ortique lecturer on law on society. The first was Attorney General Eric Holder in 2010. With the Ferguson decision probably announced by then, he will be visiting campus at an important time in this country's history. Definitely a must attend event.

The Prez