Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#AmericasCollegeProm​ise & #UNCF

Today the UNCF led a "tweetstorm" to garner awareness and support for the America's College Promise Act. If Congress will support this legislation, it would greatly enhance the resources for students attending HBCUs. As you have heard there is considerable energy around making community college free. But for Black students, even if they need remediation, their chances of getting a 4 year degree are 4 times greater by starting at a 4 year school.

Graduation rates will be improved if students have more financial resources. HBCUs generally have enrollments that are greater than 60% Pell eligible, meaning those students come from families earning less than $40,000 a year. This new act could add potentially $8K a year to those students which will improve graduation rates.

This past weekend the UNCF New Orleans hosted its walk for education. New Orleans is home to 2 high performing UNCF schools- Dillard and Xavier. So combining the already great work of UNCF with this new act and we will greatly change the trajectories of many college students.

Contact your members of congress and ask them to support this act!

The Prez