Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week ending March 19

Spring break at Dillard but lots going on during this Lenten season.

On Monday I was a featured speaker for the NASPA conference in Indianapolis. So for back to back weeks I had a chance to speak at the 2 major student affairs conferences- this was a great honor.

While I was traveling my friend Dee-1 came by Dillard to talk to students about student loan debt. He has the hottest viral video right now, "Sallie Mae Back," about paying back those student loans! One of the things people don't know is that if they default on their loan the institution gets dinged for it. Too many defaulters jeopardizes the school (which I don't think is fair- no one punishes car dealers when buyers default. But I guess they can always reclaim the car...)

Our men's basketball team had a great run this year. We won 22 games this year- more than the past 5 years combined. We won our conference tournament, and our first round NAIA game. So not bad. But with no seniors, expectations are high for next year. We won't sneak up on anyone anymore...

Students had some spring break experiences. Waiting to get pictures from a social justice trip, but some pre-law students heard closing arguments in Judge Reese's court. We are launching a mock trial team and Judge Reese is our coach (BIG COUP!)

And our pre-law advisor took some students with her on Friday night as she was the speaker for the Loyola Black Law Student Association dinner.

Finally, our Louisiana UMC bishop, Cynthia Harvey, spoke at chapel tonight. Really good message about this time from Palm Sunday to Easter. Great quote: "I'm not called to institutional preservation. I'm called to transform the world."

Getting ready for a new week, with the highlight being Tuesday's Honors Day Convocation (always one of my favorite events each year).

The Prez