Friday, November 4, 2016

Raise Your Perspective

My colleague Dr. Toya Barnes Teamer sent this to me on Thursday (it's now after midnight so technically Friday). Helping me to process where we are, where I am....

The Prez

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Raise your perspective

Do what you do not for attention or glory. Do what you do because it is good and right and worthwhile.

Live your life not to gain social standing or to collect empty sensations. Live to make each moment more filled with love, care, and goodness than it would have been without you.

Seek positive, beneficial results, yet don't let them define you. See yourself not as a collector of trophies but as an enabler of possibilities.

Let go of any need to prove you're right, or to be praised, or to feel superior. Fill yourself with peace, gratitude, and the love of making a difference.

The world rushes by, its false urgencies shouting, shoving, mostly ignoring the great beauty that is life. Lovingly raise your perspective high enough so you can see more of the beauty and less of the pettiness.

The value of your life today exceeds all you can imagine. Fill it with what matters.

-- Ralph Marston