Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Selfie Instinct

This morning I spoke for the Alpha Foundation of Howard County (Kappa Phi Lambda, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.) for their 39th Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast. The theme was "Where Do We Go From Here," the title of a speech given by King in 1967 to SCLC and the title of a book published that year as well.
My point was in order to go anywhere, and most of the ills King mentioned in 1967 are just as real today, we've got to deal with the modern day version of the Drum Major Instinct, which I called the Selfie Index.
So I used that speech to deal with the theme of another speech. In the end, The Drum Major Instinct was a call to serve (Mark 10:35-45 is the scriptural reference). If we would all just help someone we see right in front of us, in our own communities, we could chip away and these issues.
So I used a number of examples to make my point. Hopefully I can get people to do #servies as well as #selfies.
The Prez