Monday, January 27, 2014

Jordan C. Johnson

Yesterday my wife and I attended St. Matthew UMC on the West Bank for Friends and Family Sunday. The speaker was our freshman class president, Jordan C. Johnson. At 17, Jordan finished high school in 3 years and has been setting DU on fire!
So we were not disappointed as we saw all that energy on display. Definitely headed to seminary (and law school), and already like a preacher with his singing, dancing, little hoop, and saying "as I take my seat" about 3 times! I laughed when he said his grandma was in the back telling him to sit down!
This is what the small university experience is about. It means your students invite you to events special to them-  and you go! In fact this is the hallmark of the HBCU experience as well, and I am trying to continue that legacy.
The Prez