Friday, August 15, 2014

Lauren & Marcel

This past weekend we were in Little Rock as two of my former students were married. Lauren is a former Miss Philander Smith College (who graduated in 3 years then finished law school), and Marcel is a former SGA president (now working on a doctorate). I don't know if I ever saw this coming (I always keep my ears open about who is dating who), but it was a great ceremony.
(Y'all started late though and you know I like to be on time!)

I am very proud of them, as well as many of their friends who were in the wedding or came back. This group was part of the Renaissance era of PSC. Their performance as students, and now as young professionals, is what lifted the institution into new levels in terms of alumni giving, foundation support, and even rankings. What they did during those years was amazing. Glad to have played a small role in their development.

The Prez