Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brain Food: Michael Steele

We kicked off a new season of Brain Food with former RNC chair Michael Steele. In a speech that gave equal criticism of both parties, Steele argued that the people need to take control over the country by truly holding politicians accountable. He mentioned Ferguson (as did I in my intro) noting that the people there have to elect those who will represent their interests.

About 250 people attended but the place should have been full. One guest said he was telling friends that he was coming to hear Steele and they asked him why he wanted to do that. Steele even addressed the fact that it has always been tough for him as a Republican & a Roman Catholic, but he tells everyone he was Black first. Anyone who heard him knew that.

My challenge is to get people to expand their minds by being willing to hear viewpoints that are different. The lack of critical thinking on display in the nation is the result of people not being able to listen to different points of view.

The Prez