Friday, September 5, 2014

Dr. Norman C. Frances announces his retirement

You knew that day was going to come, but it still was somewhat of a shock. But today was that day. I had a call this morning at 9am from the Xavier board chair telling me about the announcement, and of course I changed my schedule to be there this morning for a truly historic event.

Dr. Norman Francis, who became president of Xavier the day King was killed in Memphis, will step down after 47 years at the helm. I can say that he is an amazing man, and you never guess he is 83 the way he operates. I've never seen anyone like him. I am sure Xavier will miss him greatly, and those would be shoes I would not want to try to fill! But it has been an honor to be here with him in New Orleans and I look forward to continue to learn from him this year and beyond.

The Prez